It’s been a whole day, usually you respond in a few hours…. why aren’t you answering me?

–If we get your e-mail in the middle of the night, a convention, or while we’re in another country sometimes it’s not always the easiest to find wifi or a free moment to answer immediately.  Our apologies, but we do what we can, any patience is appreciated.

What’s his hourly?

–Aaron does not charge hourly, he charges per piece.  It depends on the complexity, coverage, technical skill, etc. necessary to execute said tattoo.

Budget? I don’t have one / I’m looking for a quote / I dunno.

— Give me how much you can afford this session (while still being able to pay rent or keep your lights on) or if you’re looking for a quote. Aaron will work TO your budget. You have an endless budget? If the piece is big enough then let’s book a full day! *note: some work may require you to come back multiple times, I will ask you your budget every time but we can discuss that together.

Can he do a pin-up, lots of lettering, or an infinity knot, etc? (or any other style besides his norm)

–If you are asking to get tattooed and you’re a new client, PLEASE refer to his Instagram (@aaronistattoo) to get an idea of what he does and specializes in.  There’s a reason you don’t go to your eye doctor for a filling, right?  That applies here.  That being said, if you’re unsure of what you want or willing to work with an artist for a super rad piece shoot over some reference pics of things or tattoos you like, etc. so we can work together to make a great tattoo.  Or help us to steer you in the right direction to another artist.

How much for you to draw something for me?

–This is a two part question (please refer to the question below as well), 1. we require a deposit of (at least $100, determined on a case by case basis).  2. Slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  So, if you don’t have the dough now, cool but if your slot gets filled I’m sorry.

Hi, I’m excited to get tattooed in 2 months (or tomorrow) can I see what Aaron has drawn?

–Aaron does not draw any artwork in advance for clients.  It is all drawn, stenciled, and sharpie’d with you there, based on mutually decided references.  This helps create a unique tattoo for the client and allows Aaron some artistic discussion in person.

Okay, so I have to pay a deposit? How does that work?

–Your deposit will be taken off of your final total.  (i.e. If your budget is $500, you pay a $100 deposit, you owe $400 the day of your appointment, plus tip if you’re feeling saucy!)

I can’t make my appointment because of XXXXXXXX reason, can I get my deposit back?

–No.  But we will use it to go towards an appointment at another time. If you cancel in less than 24 hours before your appointment you will have to pay another deposit when you wish to come back in.

Cool, just got tattooed, how the h*** do I look after it?

–We highly suggest Armor Gel for all heals (especially heavy saturation pieces), we have it with us on the road and at the shop.  Please ask about it, if you’re open to a new options (plus it’s good for other things too).